Tuesday, February 27, 2007

On Vampires

After reading Kostova's "The Historian" about a month ago, I've been thinking, wondering - more likely, about the matter. It's such a tempting subject to ponder. I've always been enthralled by vampire tales, by this I refer to those Stoker-like tales not like those jumping-jacks-like oriental ones. I find it rather glamorous and classy, I suppose. In the book there's been no mention of how one can be transformed into another. Is it inherited from parent to child? Or can it be given deliberately, like in that movie "Interview with the Vampire".

Sometimes, when I'm being very liberal and thus allow all sorts of ideas to hatch and grow in my head, I wonder if it's that bad to be one. A vampire, I mean. As I've said, it's very tempting. I've never been that fond of daylight anyway. I always prefer night to day. And I am still ambivalent of the supposed "appeals" of heaven. I only wish to go to heaven because the alternative is hell, and I can't stand places without air conditioners. But the idea of an eternity of worship, without challenges, without the threat of failure, without competition or developments or possibilities of change, that doesn't sound much like a paradise for me. I'd rather stay alive for good. Or at least for a long, long, long time. How I wish vampires were real and I can be one of them.

Haha. Okay perhaps this is just me being crazy. Nevermind.